Weekend at the Lake House

This summer has been full of fun. From graduating college, to getting my first job, to long weekends off. This past weekend I spent with the family at our lake house on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The itinerary for the weekend was (in order): sleep, eat, and relax. We spent a lot of time just telling stories and reminiscing on old memories. We spoiled ourselves with good food and my mother even made me some pan-fried chicken and french fries. Yum! It was great to get out on the lake and soak in the rays. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! I took a few photos from our boat ride and thought I would share them with you.



Down by the dam the fog begins to form around 4-5 pm and can rise up to about 10 feet above the water.


Off in the distance it the 150 ft high dam separating Lake Ouachita and Lake Hamilton.



If you can tell, there is a man fishing close to the bank. This picture was taken about a mile from the dam.

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