It’s no surprise that I love denim. I am fortunate to work in a fairly relaxed work environment and am able to wear a polo and denim on most days. I try to stay away from blue denim until Fridays as it is frowned upon by management. So to combat that, I have added a few pairs to the closet, that while they are still denim, don’t look like denim to the untrained eye.

If you take a look at my collection below, you’ll see I have a few pairs of various shades of similar colors. I like to keep my “get-up” pretty traditional, and only reach for the pink denim occasionally. I am a big fan of the traditional Levi’s 501s, you can’t beat the quality and the price. I have few other pairs from Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Rodd and Gunn.

While I may not have a huge amount, I use the rotation very wisely and each pair gets the appropriate amount of wear. I am looking at a few more pairs to add in the future (Pair #1 & Pair #2), but for now I am happy with my collection.

See a pair you like? Grab them here:

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