The Bold Patterns of La Matera

I have always been intrigued by the look of the patterns from South America and Native Americans. How these patterns are made by hand is such an interesting art. Putting this interest of mine into clothing form is a company called La Matera. Right now, they make belts, wallets, watch straps, and ties with bold Argentinian designs. The woven designs create a look of elegance with a touch of grit. I have had the La Matera items on my wishlist for a few months now. I finally found the money to buy one and jumped at the opportunity.

logo-2 copy


This belt, called the Mendoza, is a perfect touch of boldness for an outfit. I am a firm believer that style should mirror the wearer, and I love to be simple with a little bit of boldness thrown in. This belt looks great with most of my wardrobe. The leather is high quality and will last a long time, the hardware is of equal quality, and the woven pattern is just fantastic. This belt will see some regular time in the rotation.


I want to know…what’s your opinion on the belt?

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