One Item At A Time

As I sit here re-watching The Office and eating way too much ice cream for a grown man, I thought now would be a great time to offer some advice. Let the wisdom commence.

Graduating from college, I felt a huge obstacle ahead in transitioning from college fraternity man into a role in the Parks & Recreation department for a city. Yes, you can call me Ron Swanson (with a slight hint of Tom Haverford). I knew I couldn’t afford to just buy everything I needed from the get go and I had a few of the essentials from college, but I needed some key quality pieces from a few belts (Leather, Patterned), to different pairs of shoes (Double Monks, Ropers), to some different OCBDs.

The way I shop isn’t random, but quite the opposite actually. I like to have a few items that I know I need or that I really would like to add to my closet in mind when a sale email pops up or the girlfriend asks to go shopping. Right now, for example, I need a few more quality dress shirts and some quality ties. So when I am shopping, I will only look for these items. Sure, I tend to buy a few items that I wasn’t expecting to buy, but were too good to resist at times. However, I feel that having a plan in mind and sticking to a few simple items can help when shopping. Rather than just buying a ton of items that don’t go together or that you will never actually wear, do some research and see what peaks your interest and what your wardrobe could use. Just because a shirt is marked 70% off, doesn’t mean you need another gingham button down the same color as the other 10 shirts in your closet. Try to mix it up.

In summary, pick one or two items (ex: belts, shoes, pants, etc.) and focus on that part of your wardrobe to save some wasted money (and time) in the log run. What exercises do y’all have when you go shopping? Let me know in the comments below!

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