Nike Killshot II for J. Crew

I had been looking for a new pair of shoes for a few months. I found a pair of the Nike Killshot II in white at J. Crew about a month ago online. I waited a little but finally pulled the trigger. I own so much navy, but these shoes don’t shove it in your face. I love white or gray shoes and these fit my needs perfectly.


The shoes are thin and comfortable. They are not your typical nike soles and insoles, but I love them. They look great sans socks and didn’t take any breaking in at all. They are a little hot and make my feet sweat in the Texas heat, but nothing some shoe trees can’t fix.


They are a great casual day shoe or would be perfect going to the pool or the beach. With a price tag of $70, they don’t break the bank, and are actually well worth the price.

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