Hello, hello! This post is long overdue. Not this post specifically, but a post in general and for that,I apologize. I can list a few different excuses as to why I haven’t been posting, but none of you want to hear that. What I do think you want to here is what will the future of this site look like. So let’s catch up.

Walker Brothers - Fayetteville and RogersRecently, Angela and I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas together to accept two different positions in the fashion and sales worlds. I have transitioned into a position the men’s retail business at Walker Brothers. Walker Brothers specializes in men’s fine clothing and made-to-measure suiting. We currently have 2 stores in Rogers and Fayetteville and I will be helping to bring the best customer experience possible to the gentlemen (and ladies) of Northwest Arkansas. Make sure to follow the stores on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and if you are ever in the area, please stop by the stores and take a look around. I would love to meet you in person and chat about whatever may come up.

As for the future of this blog. That is still unsure. I will continue to post on here (hopefully more often), but I am not exactly sure what the topics will look like. This is where I need your help. Please send me an email, leave a comment, or comment on my social media to let me know what it is that you want to see from this site and I will do my best to bring the input to life.

One thing you can expect is that I will be wearing suits, sport coats, blazers, and ties much more. So bear with me as I dress up my closet and I will do my best to share my views and opinions along this journey.

Gratefully yours,


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