I have been going through a wardrobe overhaul for the past few seasons. I am a huge believer in staple pieces and believe that you can never have too many of them. This summer while going through my wardrobe, I realized that I only had one white Oxford Cloth Button Down, or OCBD, that I regularly wore. While this may be ok for many, I wear an OCBD of any color or pattern variation 90% of the time. To top it off, the OCBD I wear regularly doesn’t have a great collar and is beginning to fade beyond my control. Needless to say, it was time for a new one.

In comes Kamakura Shirts. I stumbled upon them for the first time a few months back on a post that F.E. Castleberry did on his blog. After that, I saw a post on Ivy Style, and then on Tumblr. I kept seeing them pop up in blogs, social media, and Tumblr. So, I decided to follow them on Instagram to kept them relevant in mind when the time came. After looking for a while, I just had to give them a try.


So, I picked up the Ecru OCBD from their Vintage Ivy collection that was a collaboration with Graham Marsh, a renowned artist, and fellow ivy style lover. The shirt is made of great, tough oxford fabric, made in Japan. The shirt has all of the makings of the original Brooks Brothers OCBD, including the button down collar in the back, the chest pocket, and an unlined collar which allows for a nice collar roll. Priced at only $79, these shirts are too good to pass up. I went with the New York fit which is their version of a slim fit but still has a little length in the tail and sleeves for my height (6’2″).

Kamakura Shirts White Oxford Cloth Button Down

Kamakura Shirts White Oxford Cloth Button Down

My Thoughts

I highly recommend picking one up. I am a huge fan of their Vintage Ivy collection, but also enjoy most of their other shirts. I will be a customer for a while if they keep putting out the quality that I received in this shirt. Keep in mind, though, the shirt is coming from Japan so it will take a while to get through customs. It took about 2.5-3 weeks for me to get mine.

What are your overall thoughts? Do you like the clothing that is coming out of Japan? Leave a comment below.

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