The purpose of J.P. Darnell is to introduce you to new brands and products that I find interesting and think you may have a similar interest. Per the FTC, I am required by law to tell you about posts that I have been paid or compensated for. I only review products that I love and truly believe in. I won’t review a product simply because someone offers me money or a free item. With that said, you can rest assured that everything you read on the site are items and product that I love, use, and put to the test.

I am very honest on the website and will tell it like it is. Don’t think that because I’m raving about every item, that I get paid for it. I often review products simply because they are great. None of these posts are sponsored, meaning the company wrote it and paid me to post it. All of the words on the blog are from me or edited by me. I hope you find a passion about the same things I do, and I look forward to bringing you some great items.

God Bless,

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