J.P. Darnell began as A Gentleman’s Providence in the summer of 2014. Tired of explaining the name (and how to spell it), I decided to reinvent the site and change the brand to reflect me.

J.P. Darnell is all about the southern lifestyle. While I started blogging as a fresh out of college young adult, the years have been good to me and have led me to my passion. This site has helped me learn and build my wardrobe, meet new and interesting people behind the brands you know and love, and develop a taste for the business. I now work full-time in the #menswear business in a men’s retail shop. Clothes are an important factor, however, you can expect to find topics such as food, liquor (sorry mom), outdoor sports (including golf and hunting, among others), and many more aspects of my life.

This site is not about the numbers and “likes”, but about personal connection. Please feel free to leave a comment on any post or picture, send an email, or reach out on social media. This site and its social media revolve around you, the reader. You are the key to keeping this up and running. Thank you for taking the time to support me and my dreams, I hope that I encourage you to follow yours.

God Bless,