A Look to Hunting Season


I love hunting. I love the thrill of the hunt, the strategy that goes into it, and especially the meat that I can harvest. However, I don’t get out in the field near as much as I would like to. With that said, I don’t spend a lot on my hunting attire. In fact, I get a lot of my camouflage and other necessary items at Wal-Mart (yeah, yeah…say what you want). I thought I would lay out the gear I use and would love your input on finding some better and possibly cheaper items.

Realtree Xtra Scent Control Rain Jacket – I purposefully just bought a rain jacket and some cheaper camo layers with my favorite Realtree pattern because you can layer as much as you want under the jacket (camo gear or not) and throw the jacket on top and blend in. To me, there is no need to have 5 different camo jackets of different thickness.

Realtree Xtra Scent Control Rain Pants – Same idea as the jacket with the pants here.

Duck Commander Hat or Under Armour Camo/Blaze Orange Beanie – Depending on the weather and season decides what I’m wearing to protect my noggin.

Under Armour Realtree Hunting Gloves – I got these for christmas 2 years ago and I have put them to use! I love how warm these suckers are.

LL Bean 6″ Boots or Ariat Work Boots – I wear either of these, I just choose on the go, both work well in the field for me. Make sure to break in the Bean Boots before wearing the field. That leather squeak could scare off every animal within a 5 mile radius.

Sog Digital Camo Hydraton Backpack (similar) – Sure it’s not hunting camo but it blends in well and when you are sitting in a stand, it doesn’t really matter. This backpack holds all of my necessities and also has a hydration pack so that I don’t have to deal with rattling water bottles and other drinks.

Outdoor Edge Skin ‘n Blaze knife – For all the dirty work, this knife works like a charm!

What gear do you use on the hunt? What is your technique when choosing hunting gear? Finally, do you know of and better/cheaper gear to use while on the hunt?

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